Have you seen something similar?

I saw a ring this weekend and I wonder if any of you have seen something like it. It was kind of ugly and kind of cool. LOL. But I want to know more about it. I didn’t buy it so I’ll do my best to describe.
Sterling with a round disk on top (size of a quarter) and raised edges. In the middle is a face using sterling for eyebrows, turquoise small cabs for eyes, branch coral for a funny nose and a round sterling mouth raised. It was so ugly that it caught my eye, but now I’m thinking I may need to own it. Looks like a mud face kachina. Kind of like a child’s drawing, but very creative and the stones are set nicely. No makers mark but well done. Please shed some light on what this might be and share if you have seen anything like it. Thanks for enlightening me on this unique piece!