Heavy Sterling Turquoise Cuff // Age? Value?

I’m looking for help on this cuff. It has a very unique patterning on the back of the cuff, almost crackled looking (left side of photo #4). I had to reset the turquoise and it is quite thin with no additional backing.
It is not marked but tests as sterling silver. The only marking is “A+Y” scratched in.
Curious to know how old it might be and what value is may have.
Thank you in advance!


Very pretty! I hope someone can provide you info on it.

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It is always difficult to get the age right. Not having backing on the stone and the style suggest this could be old. You get that cracking look on the back when the piece is made from an ingot, the metal goes through a series of heating and hitting that causes that. Making this from an ingot also suggest age. If I had to make a guess on age it would be circa 1960s, $375-$500.

thank you so much. i really appreciate you time and expertise. ingot would make sense because it is heavier weight that similar cuffs i have had in the past!