Hello from Florida

We are in Miami. We inherited an old squash blossom necklace. It is signed D. Yellowhaand 6/41. I will post pix later. Looking for any info on this and some other pieces. Thanks

Welcome. Looking forward to seeing your items.

Welcome to the party! Look forward to seeing your goodies. Post photos of your items in natural light. Get shots of not only the hallmark but the different angles as well. I also try to put in weights as well. Have fun!

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I inherited this necklace. Any information or price extimafe is greatly appreciated. It came in a very luxe leather case.

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Yellowhair and Yellowhorse are common names here, but I read this one as Yellowhand? I imagine it is the name of the owner, the piece is not that old. Maybe this was something purchased as dead pawn? It is a large Navajo squash blossom necklace, the amount of stone, size and the popularity of this style right now would make this $1200 and up.

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Thank you. I agree, the name on it is D Yellowhand. Did you notice the number on it as well? It says 6/41. Could it be from 1941?

The necklace is not that old. It is a birth year, could be an order number, etc.