Hello! Here from the Northwest

What a nice group! I have lurked for a few weeks, figured it was time for intros. Dianne here, in the Pac NW but taking a trip to the Tucson area in March. I have recently been buying a few different pieces at local pawn shops, eBay and Etsy–as well as some of the not-so-pricey books such as Turquoise People–in an effort to learn more about the native jewelry that captivated me–and so many others–in the 1970’s. Still trying to figure out if I want to specialize–or just buy what appeals to me.
Question: for buying, do you feel you can do better, in terms of finding nice and affordable vintage or less expensive contemporary pieces if you are boots-on-the-ground in an area like Tucson–or by hunting online and locally outside of the SW US? What about selling/bartering–not to make a living at it, but to free up funds to be able to buy ones I like more? In other words, should I bring my least-liked pieces with me when I head to Tucson in hopes of bartering or selling there?

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Welcome to the group. I have a buddy who lives in the Midwest and finds some amazing pieces by going to flea markets and into every antique shop he passes. Like everything else, you want results you have to be willing to put in the work. Tucson in March will have the Heard show and plenty oof art will be around. You never know what will happen, but it might not be the best time or place to move your pieces. Why don’t you show us pictures of those pieces and see if anyone is interested here.


Hi Jason, thank you for a great answer. I had no idea about the Heard show, will look that up right now. And yes, once I get done studying the various pieces and deciding what I want to sell/keep, I will be happy to post photos here for other members’ input.