I’m Michelle, a mum of 15yr old identical twin girls. I am in Essex in the UK and have been obsessed with Turquoise for a long time. I have recently set up a small online shop via Etsy selling Native American and Southwestern Jewellery. I love to find out as much as I can about each piece - including type of Turquoise and the artist who made each piece - it’s important, I think. Each item has its own little history, especially as it’s made its way across the pond to us! I have a few reference books on NA artist’s, the best one I have is Hallmarks of the Southwest by Barton Wright (not cheap but worth it). I may need a hand and am still trying to figure out real Turquoise from Stabilised etc! X

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Welcome! You can learn a lot from the knowledgeable people who are in this forum.

Welcome Michelle and good luck!

Nice to see young people interested and helping carrying on the knowledge! So learn a lot! Welcome : ) x

Welcome to the show! Nice to have a Brit on the forum! Etsy is a great tool!

Thanks guys! Turquoise is very quickly becoming a bit of an obsession! Hoping to learn a lot x x

Thanks! I’m getting quite a few sales from across the pond - love the fact that these pieces are making their way back home! X

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