Help ID artist and turquoise

Please help me identify whether this is native made or not and perhaps what type of turquoise it is. The only marking it has appears to say FR and the rest is not visible, but might be an i.
The feathers and the part holding the turquoise look very distinct to me, wondering if those elements will be helpful in identifying who made it.

Very beautiful bracelet. Looks like a big piece of Kingman turquoise. Most likely this bracelet is manufactured, that bezel is just a little complicated to be handmade. Also, during casting it is common that the mark doesn’t cast all the way, possibly leaving an almost full E the R and then a part of the L, in the word STERLING. Do you have any of your own information about the piece?

I just got it at an antique store in hickory nc… the antique cashier wasn’t the dealer so she didn’t have any details about it.