Help Identify Necklace, marked Leekya

I took this necklace to a local antique store, she said it’s not work much, a Heishi necklace. The two long silver cones have a square, geometric pattern around the base. On one side there is a silver bell… it is clearly marked in upper and lower case, Leekya and then there are some Upper Case Letters…they are hard to read, I think it says, BARAH , the first letter is the hardest to make it out… it’s almost filled in and solid. The other letters I’m fairly sure … so I wonder if it says SARAH ? Pls see picture… the string is stretched out on side also. Any help is appreciated !

<img src=/uploads/db1846/original/1X/31d5e3f0f290606b436dc85d09226bc7385b2df1.jpg">