Help need info on my squash blossom. No markings. Age, is it real, and appraisal?

Beautiful beads and they both appear to be handmade. Some of the artists like the oxidized look and some also smooth their solder lines more that others. :blush:

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Thanks! I assumed the older one was handmade, but wasn’t sure, since I couldn’t remember exactly what I was told when I bought it. Navajo pearls are a type of Native jewelry I haven’t spent as much time looking at when I travel, so I struggle with knowing the difference in the quality. But I felt safe purchasing both of these, because of where I bought them.

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Yes, it is real in that:

  1. The stones are definitely Turquoise, possibly from the Battle Mountain mines
  2. The metal looks like tarnished silver, but without a reverse image it is impossible to tell.
  3. The design and construction is consistent with early 20th century Navajo, but, again, a photo can only tell you so much.

As to value, it could range from $500 to $5,000 depending on the size (not able to determine), silver quality, artist, etc.

I strongly recommend you get a professional appraisal as it could be valuable enough to insure.


Welcome to the forms Kimbe.

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It is unmarked. Post back pieces now.

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Its unmarked

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I attached the back photo. It weighs 235.301 grams. No markings for artist or silver. It is real sterling silver and Turquoise.

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Ebay Sold listings is the best way to determine the range of what people actually pay for a squash blossom like this. A very large number of similar necklaces were made and are for sale now at sites. It’s very easy to browse and find something like yours and see the results.