Help on pieces

I have several pieces that I have been told are Navajo. I know my dad bought them when we moved to Arizona in the late 70’s. Any help would be great.

Can you post pictures of the hallmarks or artist stamps if there are any? I suspect there are as these are some nice looking pieces.

Sure here is what I have I have been trying to locate and no luck

Sorry for the late reply! I have had a busy week. I will get to these this weekend if I can find out anything on them I will let you know.

IHM/SS stands for “Indian Hand Made Sterling Silver” :smile:

Thanks big Bree. I am curious on the one with the bird

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Well I am stumped. Wasn’t able to find anything on the dove or others, Bree is correct on her ID. I suspect you will need Jason to weigh in on this one. Good Luck they are nice pieces!

Does anyone know what the value could be

We really should wait until we identify the hallmarks before placing the value. Knowing that artist often increases the value, but if you are in a rush to sell perhaps, without knowing the artists, I would estimate:

Small Cuff $225-$245
Breastplate necklace ~$345
Large cuff ~$425
Ring $65-$75
Squash ~$1200
Bench beads & naja ~$275

If I had your items, these are what I would sell them for in my antique store. Keep in mind, prices & values vary between trading posts, pawn stores & antique stores. If you plan on selling, expect those places to offer you 1/3 to 1/2 of the ballpark values I mentioned earlier.

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