Help to identify artist, age and stone

Hi everyone, I recently acquired this gorgeous set of cuff bracelet and necklace. I would love to know who made it… it is marked only on the bracelet, but they are clearly a matched set. Also, how old do you think this may be? What mine would you think the turquoise is? Thanks for the help, I am new to learning about the pieces, even though I started purchasing as a teenager… had many put away for the last 40 years! Recently got them all out again to wear and love them more than before! Now I am eager to learn and buy more…


Beautiful set! The roadrunners included in the stampwork might be a clue to the maker. The details in the roping make it look like the two pieces were being crocheted together. I’m trying to learn too so I’m curious to hear from the pros. My guess on age would be 70’s to 80’s. The turquoise might be Pilot Mountain.
No matter what answers you get or don’t get, that is a wonderful set and you should wear it proudly!

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Thank you for your input Islandmomma… I had not even realized those were roadrunners! These pieces are huge and gorgeous, and I love to wear them!

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That is a good catch on the roadrunners. I looked at this beautiful set several times and never noticed them. My guess on turquoise would be Turquoise Mountain but I’m a newbie and just learning myself,

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one of the clues to where a piece of turquoise was mined has to do with time frame. We know from the Owner that she has stored these two pieces for at least 40 years. Look at the mines that were producing at that time frame.


Ok, I am going to go against the grain here…This is a new set to the owner(she has other pieces that she put away for 40 years). While I think the settings look like older rope work, yes even the looping with the balls. I have noticed a few things. Note the bezel is even and the whole backing looks a bit light or delicate to me. I also note that these beads have been restrung. Note the clasp and the new nylon covered steel trace that has been looped onto the clasps. Those clasps would have been crimp clasps originally. They seem very clean and the silver does not show much wear. Additionally I wonder about a roadrunner stamp…when would that type of steel stamp been manufactured?? I wonder. And now the final bit of information. Here is a link to another bracelet. This bracelet has the same hallmark, but no roadrunner in the bracelet design. It does however have the very same roadrunner stamp as yours, only it has been used on the underside by hallmark.

Given all of this I am suggesting that the pieces are more modern, more recent than the 80’s. I scoured the internet and the first instance I can find of someone looking for answers is 2011. They could be a combination of older pieces reworked or just made to look from an older period.

I think they are very nice and beautiful! All my humble opinion of course! An I defer to the pros as always.

Good work. I think you found a match and she did say she had recently acquired the set. Nancy I hope you will post some of your other pieces as well. Think there is a chance that the turquoise is Kingman, not Pilot Mountain like I originally said.

Very cool to see another with that hallmark… thanks for that! I really appreciate and value your input!

Thank you! I will for sure post more of my items. I am trying to learn everything I can!

Great research very informative. Thanks

woops, missed the “recently acquired”.