Help with artist and hallmark, any other info?

This was found in an estate sale junk bin. Any ideas on age, tribe and/or artist? I am considering buying it, but would like some input first. Thank you!!

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It could be Navajo artist Mike Thomas. The style looks similar to some of his pieces.
He has used imitation bear claws in the past.


The vintage silver beaded “native pearl” necklace that it’s on is like worth considerably more than the pendant, depending on length $200-250, if it is not a replacement. On the pendant, the sawtooth bezels, water spirals, and shadowbox have the markers of authenticity in the workmanship itself, however the leaf has feather technique mixed in, there are teeth missing from the choral bezel, and the stamped edge is a less sophisticated design technique would keep it from being super high end. Water spirals with that many circles are less common in older pieces, but not unheard of. My gut is saying this is the early work of an real artist before mastering the full range of fabrication or how to edit ornamentation to feature the stones or concept, but that it is likely not a fake. Have it tested for sterling!

May be hard to ID because it looks like they couldn’t find their V stamp when making this and used the edge of their tool to cut a rough V with a tradition M stamped. Something a pro wouldn’t do, but an apprentice might. Hope that helps!

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