Help with Big Turquoise and Red Coral Watch Bracelet

This puppy came to me from an auction. I previously was wearing a similar watch bracelet that was all Turquoise by Tommy Moore. I never thought I would give that one up until this one came around! I really am stumped on the Hallmark though! I would love to know who the silversmith is and thoughts on value(going to insure it!). Thanks in advance!


Hey Chris! I am thinking this is early Ben Yazzie…if you look at the work and material styles that run through the family…there are many similarities…then if you look at the stamp fonts of the older Yazzie’s and the angles of the letter placements they are very similar which can happen when tools are shared or passed between or down to family members. Im still searching for an exact match but im seeing a lot of evidence that this is definitely within the older gens of the Navajo Yazzie family…still looking

that is good looking, great find.

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I wondered about Ben Yazzie, but the only thing I could find is B with an Arrow. I am hoping I can find a conclusive identification. I just had “attributed to”. Value changes drastically with that term. I am trying to find out information on Ben now, I think he is still alive in Colorado. Thanks for your thoughts!

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Ive looled and looked and camt find anything that matches…Benson and any of his relatives work at the same and are they still with us? If so maybe asking them would be best?