Help with Hallmark "GL" on Tri-Stone Cuff That's Almost Too Blue

The silver work in this bracelet attracted me. Also the stones, which are so bright blue they freak me out a little – it almost looks fake. The center stone has a pyrite patch across it. If it’s fake, it’s a thoughtful fake.


If anything, it’s a little washed out in this photograph. It’s rich deep teal.


There’s a hallmark on the back, “GL,” on a square tab.


What do I have here on my hands, and who made it?

So, here is my theory. I have four small Navajo bear fetishes that are all the same deep blue hue with pyrite matrix. They seem very similar to the stones in your bracelet. I came to the conclusion that my bears are probably real turquoise with real pyrite matrix, but have probably been treated or dyed to enhance the color. I also thought it was strange that four different bears all contained the same hue of blue.

I’ll wait until someone who is more qualified weighs in with their opinion, but I think your stones are the same situation as my bears- genuine turquoise, but treated to enhance color.

Here are a picture of 2 of my bears; the pyrite matrix isn’t visible but it’s a little fishy that four distinct pieces of turquoise are all the same color.

Bree, I like your theory. The cabs in this bracelet have been bothering me. They don’t feel right, they feel unnatural, but in some ways, they are right, from the matrix to the pyrite inclusion. Now I understand better what is bothering me. It’s the uniformity of all three cabs.

This bracelet now feels out of balance to me: The silver work is better quality than the stones it holds.

You know, I generally try my best to stay away from any treated turquoise. But sometimes we are just drawn to it! Any turquoise with pyrite inclusions are my favorite. So, I can definitely see why you were so attracted to this bracelet! It really is beautiful and I seriously love that metalwork!