Help with Identifying Child’s Bracelet

UPDATE: Well, they certainly are a lot of DISHTA’s! This could be a bracelet by Frank or Clementine but most likely by Charlene. I did find out this was a baby bracelet or for a young child. But I digress: I include a photo of o e of Charlene’s bracelet and hallmark. While this is still tentative, it just proves that even though the name may be the same there can be very many people behind the name!

I have this tiny bracelet with the letters that look like DISHIA on the back. It’s silver and turquoise appear genuine. Maybe Zuni? I cannot find any artist with that name. Pretty sure it’s Native American though. Any help would be appreciated.

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It looks like Dishta to me.
A family from Zuni very famous for their inlay style.

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This isn’t, of course, the artistic flush-inlay work that the family was famed for. I see that there’s a Robert Dishta who did snake eye setting, but not like this. Maybe there’s a bunch of Dishta folks, but the setting doesn’t seem Zuni at all.


Yes, this is not Dishta style, but the stamp could say ‘Dishta’

Here’s a similar one on Etsy.
Look at how deep those bezels are.
Maybe the same maker.
(Would it kill the Etsy seller to take a straight-on photo?How do they expect to sell anything…)

Oh yay, the Etsy one is another that’s boho AND hippie.

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A close match, agree. Though not hallmarked like the one above, I think it also journeyed here from elsewhere.

I think they usually inset the stones, though in the bezel. The top of the stone was flush with the top of the bezel. It was Frank Dishta’s style. Since somebody mentioned the last name was not DISHIA but DISHTA I have been doing some research on them and him in particular.