Help with identifying ring please

Found this ring at thrift store today and would like to know if it’s anything special.

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Yes, it is special. It is a piece of Navajo handmade jewelry that called your name. It looks like possible 1980s - 70s work. From the image it appears to be quartz in the top of the stone, would call this Kingman. The hallmark is a little difficult to read, couldn’t find anything to match it with.

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That’s awesome! I paid a buck for it


Thought perhaps the mark was a W

Got a Magnifying fine glass and it looks like this

There is so much more than a dollar’s worth of work in that ring. I love the oxidized shadow box effect on jewelry of that period. And yours is still oxidized. I get so very sad when someone “polishes” out that liver of sulfur oxidation. I buy it anyway, for the shape, even though now I can only imagine the 3-D effect the artist originally intended.

One of my goals is to collect up some of my overpolished stuff and get the proper velvety black oxidation back to the places where it belongs. I don’t mean patina, I mean the deliberately darkened sections.

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