Help with info on Huge Turquoise Cuff Bracelet

I buy and sell jewelry on Ebay as a way to keep busy in retirement. Recently I got this huge turquoise cuff bracelet. The dollar bill is for size reference. I couldn’t find much info online and was wondering if the experts here could help. The only marking I could find on it was the initials RDS between 2 symbols. It does test as sterling though.
I was curious who the artisan was, when the piece might be from, and any other info that you would be willing to share.
Thanks in advance.



Hi Bill, Beautiful cuff!

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Beautiful cuff. I checked some resources and could not find this hallmark.
Welcome to the forum.

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In case it helps, the bracelet weighs 187 grams.

Thank you both very much. Can you tell me anything about it from the pictures? Type of turquoise, tribal affiliation, time period, etc… Also do you know of any other online resources I might check?

It is a Navajo style cuff, probably 1970s - 80s. It is difficult to tell the turquoise, maybe something like Candelaria.