Help with large Turquoise Cuff maker or region probably made in

6.75 in inside cuff additions 1.25 gap
6 stones
Art also on the inside
Maker marked TS
Sterling marked
Weight is 102.3 grams
Any information at all is greatly appreciated.
Pictures posted


Gorgeous! Welcome to the forum!

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Thank you so much! :+1:t2:

Thank you allowing me to join the forum. I love this cuff. Brilliant work indeed. Any help identifying maker,age or region is greatly appreciated. Thanks again

This looks to be a Navajo made bracelet, nice stamping on both sides.

Thanks again Jason :pray:

Very nice! Interesting, seems like the top was fully stamped too with the bezels added on top. Strangely drawn to cuffs with interior decor. :star_struck: