Help with Navajo (?) Bracelet makers mark "I"

Just trying to get some more information about this beautiful bracelet, and maybe abb idea of the value. Thank you.

Are you certain it is not a capital I (don’t mean L) rather than a T?

Yes, I do think it is a capital letter i and not a T. Or it could be an H if held sideways, but the middle bar would be exaggerated…not sure, just hoping someone would be able to recognize the mark or the work and be able to give some insight. Thanks

Hello, this is a really great bracelet. I couldn’t find anything on the I or H. This is called chip inlay and is a Navajo made bracelet. It was a style made famous by Thomas Singer and was really popular in the 1970s and 80s. The birds are Peyote Birds and part of the Native American Church symbolism. Thanks for sharing.