Help with two Hallmarks! One "N" or "Z" and Bear Track!

Hi! So I have two pieces that are currently stumping me. So far I have only used internet resources as I do not have any of the books. The first one appears to be an “N” but may also be a “Z”? It appears to be an older(?) Silver Ingot made piece, by the looks of the inside and the tool marks. Here are photos of this bracelet.

And here is the other piece. I’m not really sure if it is even native made or not. It appears to be, I am not sure. It shows what looks like a bear track or maybe a “D”? The pin is brass with a sterling eagle on the top.

Thank you to anyone who can help! I have had the eagle pin longer but both have left me wondering after hours of searching. Thanks!!

I have exhausted the search for this hallmark, couldn’t find anything. I keep waning it to be an N with a T,J, something besides just an N. I worked through the names with just an N hallmark and the only one that had chip inlay attributed to his name was Stanley Curley. However, when you look up his hallmark it has a crescent and the N looks different. It doesn’t mean he could have used another hallmark over his career. You bracelet is Navajo and it is chip inlay.

The other piece I don’t believe to be Navajo, Zuni or Hopi made. It could be Native but not the style you find here in the Southwest.