Here is my Beauty!

Tell me everything you think you know about this beautiful Turquoise. Im sooooo in love with her!


First blush on the large cab is Carico Lake turquoise, the smaller cabs could also be Carico Lake as the mine also throws blue cabs. I highly doubt it is Native made with the open back and hallmark.


Oh my gosh for real? Carico lake!!! Yes we came to the conclusion before i bought it that the work was not Native American but thats ok because i still own a piece of American history! Im so excited about this find. I wonder what its worth. I paid about $60 with tax and shipping included. I was going to give her the $85 when she sent the offer for $50 so i think i got a really good deal. I am posting a liquid Silver necklace in a min that i paid $20 for it. I bought it becasue of the Turquoise and i was right about the Turquoise.

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The cab alone is worth the money!


How much is the value of the piece? Thats one reason why i bought it, sometimes you see something and you just now its a gem.

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