Hooked on You!

Hey there folks,
I’ve been lurking around this site for some time so I think the only decent thing to do is introduce myself. My name is Sandy G. and I live in Michigan. First, I want to say how friendly and helpful everyone has been on this site! I am so happy to have found it!
My experience with Native American jewelry began when my sister moved to Denver in the early seventies. When visiting, our trips to NA ruins and the Denver Natural Science Museum impressed me to no end. I would buy small turquoise pieces that I still treasure. Before I knew it I was about everything Southwest. I even tried to bring a big smelly steer skull home in m sisters trunk! I still visit Denver and more often the “Land of Enchantment” every chance I get. Fortunately, I have narrowed my collecting down to more manageable size items: Turquoise and NA jewelry. I think I definitely fit in with this wonderfully eccentric and possessed group of people!
I’m so hooked. Glad to meet you comrades!!


Hi Sandy, I have decided to call myself the “resident pest“ because I feel like I bug everyone on here. I’ve learned so much from this forum. These people certainly know their stuff. I love looking at the photos the members post of their beautiful pieces.
I hope one day I can help someone as much as these folks have helped me.


Hi “Pest”.
I agree! If I only had half the knowledge of the experts here! I’m looking forward to having more confidence to purchase jewelry. I often pass on fantastic pieces because I am worried they aren’t authentic. Better to be a pest than be robbed!


@TaraFawn75 I’m feeling the same way, like the resident pest! LOL. I ask waaaaaay more questions than I provide any help. I’m glad y’all tolerate me!

@sandy welcome! Glad you’re here!


Welcome, there are never too many questions. Questions reveal knowledge and everyone learns.