Hopi ID

Hello. I’m not certain if this is a place to come for non-turquoise questions? I’m looking to identify this Hopi hallmark. I’ve browsed all of my resources but am unable to identify artisan. Looks familiar… Any ideas? Thanks in advance. Lin

These images look like sale pictures, can you provide the link? I am not finding anything and the piece looks like some research would be good.


Hi Jason. The earrings are mine and the photos are mine as well. I like to “ pose” my photos. One of my quirks.

I have done as much research as I can think to do, have studied Hougart’s Symbols section of his fourth edition reference, and the artist’s hallmarks in the book, Hopi Silver: the history of Hopi silversmithing, as well as the online reference, Amerindien Hallmarks. The only hall mark to my eye that comes close is that of Stewart Tewawina.

If you have any suggestions about other referrence resources to check I would be grateful.

Thanks much. Lin

Definitely not Stewart Tewawina…see pic of his hallmark.
Screenshot_2021-02-02 Signed Stewart Tewawina Navajo Sterling Overlay Heavy Bracelet Bangle Cuff eBay
But, beautiful earrings and further research might reveal the artist yet! Are they a recent purchase? There are so many new young artists whose hallmarks aren’t as well known.

Thanks for responding! I didn’t really think the hallmark was Tewawina’s, it was wishful thinking I guess.

I bought the earrings in an auction so no way to know how old. Do you happen to know of other Hopi hallmark resources, online or books? I may, as you say, figure this out yet.

I don’t have any other Hopi resources unfortunately. I looked for the pictomark first with no results, then I searched “Hopi overlay wave design” and searched for wave patterns as close to yours as possible (there is a lot of variety!) and then looked at the hallmarks on those, but nothing turned up.
Good Luck!

This may remain a mystery. Thanks again for your thoughts.

Oh yes, thanks for identifying pictograph as a wave. I hadnt thought of that!

I meant the design on the outside of the earrings as a wave…I was hoping to find some other jewelry with the identical wave pattern as each artists’ wave is slightly different. I am not sure what the pictograph is.

Can you tell us where you acquired them, backstory? I just don’t know if this is Hopi. Additional information may help.

Why do you think they may not be Hopi?

I purchased them in a group, containing pieces by Emory Holmes and Cleve Honyaktewa.

The etching in the oxidized part just seems like it should be tighter and smaller lines, plus the hallmark should be clean. Look at your other artists in the group https://www.ebay.com/itm/OLD-Emory-Holmes-HOPI-STERLING-SILVER-BEAR-PAW-RING-sz-8-5-Hopicrafts-hallmark-/363174337232

I see what you are saying about the precision of the signatures. Usually the hallmark is clearer.

The EH, Emory Holmes piece, in the textured area looks a little less tight to me than some. I imagine it varies with the skill of the artisan.

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I swear I’ve seen that hallmark before, and I want to say it’s a logo for a company rather than a single artist.

Yeah, I know what you mean. The mark looks very familiar to me too.

EH could be Emory Holmes, the HC looks like Hopi Craft mark to me. I don’t find the mark on the round pendant.

Yep, EH is Emory Holmes and HC is Hopicraft.