Hopi overlay wear…

I just got this well worn Hopi ring from my Mom. The dark areas have worn away in some places. How can that be restored? What is used to oxidize it, or whatever?


It’s important to leave it alone to protect its value, if you can live with it. It’s testimony to appropriate age and wear. I have a close friend who’s a major collector of vintage Hopi overlay jewelry and that’s something I learned from him.

Of course it’s your ring and you don’t have to consider this at all.


I wondered about that, and will just leave it then. It’s an interesting piece I wouldn’t have bought, but my mom wore it out​:grin::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Chic farmer is right about the patina to a collector, if this ring is particularly valuable (monetarily), and you’re planning on selling it the patina should stay as is. However, if you plan on keeping and wearing your mom’s ring you can add patina to the spots that have lightened. You can add patina several easy ways - seal the ring in a container with freshly cooked and peeled hot hard boiled eggs and wait till the silver darkens, or you can buy liver of sulfur from a jewelry supply or use a garden product called lime of sulfur; add some to hot water, stir and dunk your ring (do this outside and wear gloves). Once your ring is dark, neutralize with a baking soda & water bath, dry and use 00000 steel wool to take off the patina off the high spots, rinse well and dry. Do NOT use chlorine, chlorine eats solder.


Thanks so much! That’s a good method to know! I appreciate it!:heart: