How do you know the value when it's rustic looking

After reading the posts about coral on here I decided I needed some…pretty sure I overpaid, but i love the necklace. Anyway I bought these from a lady who lived in AZ and said she bought in 1960s. The cuff I think is zuni. Any guesses on the necklace/earrings? What is their value?

I would date your earrings from around 1950. Screw back earrings like yours became popular around the mid 1930’s and faded out of popularity by early 1960.

The necklace is a bit tougher. The sterling cone tips are handmade, and not manufactured pieces. I would like to date the necklace from around 1960 to 1970, but it looks like the earrings and necklace are a matched set. Also, coral tends to patina very easily, and I don’t see that here with your pieces. It’s entirely possible that these were just very well cared for. I would date the set from around the mid 1950’s to early 1960’s. I say this based mostly because of the earring backs though.

It’s a really pretty set. Just remember that as long as you love it, you didn’t really “overpay” for it :wink:
Also, can you upload additional pictures of your cuff bracelet?

Hi Thanks Bigbree43. My camera makes it look darker. Bracelet dark orange but necklace is lighter. Here is photo of bracelet. No hallmarks.

Coral continues to get more expensive. The coral beads that are the most valuable are the ones that have been made into tubes.…0…1c.1.64.psy-ab…0.1.108…0i30k1.0.I1aFrBhZVvc

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Thanks for your help Jason!