Huge Cluster Ring

Hey all,

Wanted to get some opinions on this huge beautiful ring. The seller seems to think its from the 80s but it looks much too new to me to be 80s. It is allegedly stamped E. Thoughts?

It would be nice if they would give you a picture of the hallmark, that could help answer some questions. The side view of the bracelet showing the silver makes the piece look newer, the stones look like something from a little older piece. It is difficult to tell from an image, but if we can identify the artist that will definitely help. It will have to be someone who was making jewelry 30+ years ago, and using that hallmark.

This is the one I have. It is made by Eunise who was at one time married to Joe Wilson. I imagine she used just this E after her separation, and now has added back the W. I would imagine this ring was made after the 1980s. In Barton Wright’s book he shows the hallmark J&E Wilson being used in the 1980s.

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What would you value this ring at Jason?

It is real turquoise and nice, $180