Huge Nugget Cuff and Ring!

I purchased this cuff at an auction, of which a year or so ago, had purchased the matching ring from a different source, obviously the same artist and stones from the same mine…what were the chances of that, the ring is nuckle style - the silver weight on these two pieces is outrageous, to put it lightly, allot was used. Stones are gorgeous, photos don’t due them justice, probably Nevada - Carico region?

Nuggets always create that wonderful 1970s look, plus the big silver.

your stones look very similar to some 'Crow Springs ( Tonaopah Nv.area)… the paleness of the green… is what makes me say that…?..
There is a mine called De’molly ( spelling?)… and it actually wasn’t a turquoise, but a vericite…but was sold as Turquoise and I suppose still is… ( one mineral difference)
Love those big chunky peaces…

I believe this to be Carico, haven’t seen Crow springs with such a light seafoam green or with nuggets quite like this - I do have some huge Crow Springs unset cabs that are an awsome green though.