I have several pieces of jewelry I don't know anything about. Any help would be wonderful

I have a bracelet which looks to be copper?? The ring to the left is marked sterling inside with a letter A also. The ring to the right is marked sterling with the letters KY. I am wanting to find out who their makers are and if there is any value to them. The ring to the left had what I think are bear claws and two hands on the front. Very heavy piece. The ring to the right is also very heavy with two Turquoise stones on the front. I know there is an indian jewelry maker that uses the KY which is Katherine Yazzie. Could that be one of her rings? I wish my indian grandmother was still living cause she could most likely tell me who where and when… But she has passed a while ago… These rings and bracelet appear to come from a man that must have been pretty big. I can just about stick both of my middle fingers in rings… So with all that said I would just like to know a lil bit about them and the bracelet. I wish they were smaller I would size them to fit me. But since that is not going to work I guess I could sell them to someone that could wear them without distroying the work that someone has put into them. Thanks for any help on these pieces. I also have a nose ring that may go with these jewelry. Please don’t think I am stupid but is there any tribe that makes nose pieces?