I know what I think it is, sure it's not Frank Vacit

Assuming late 1940s, unhllmarked, Frank Vacit Bolo, rather happy with it. Information on artist & family & appraisal being my main hopes. Besides folks enjoying a nice work of inlay.

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Beautiful Zuni Thunderbird bolo. Came across this bolo on a google search that called it a Frank Vacit on ebay. Uploading…
This was another one I found on Pinterest.


I am not familiar with this style of Frank Vacit work. I am use to those channel inlay pieces with the large silver border. I do see lots of pieces in this style being attributed to Frank Vacit. This definitely has a great look. The other pieces I am seeing are in the $1500 up range. Gregory Schaff’s book has him active 1930s - 50s.

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