I never wear any of my pendants anymore

So I turned them into a chunky charm bracelet! Now I can just wear them all at once!


What a great idea.

The Native American artists could maybe use a marketing gimmick like Pandora’s storytelling charms and get behind this.


thank you! I’m surprised someone hadn’t thought of this yet!

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I’m going to dig in my “Zuni: The Art & The People” series because I think I saw a charm bracelet there that made my jaw drop.

In the meantime, here’s this one:


Well for some reason, I think this is a brilliant idea ;). The only thing that I hope you have done is to solder the jump ring so you don’t loose any pieces! I’ve already lost one just this past Friday afternoon… It really look fab!


;))) That just a big smile cuz I need 20 characters to respond!

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