Identify artist of squash blossom necklace

I have recently come across a squash blossom necklace. I am pretty sure it is Navajo and it has the intials LT on the back. I have done some hallmark research and found a couple of possibilities. One is Lee Thompson, he is practically impossible to find any information on but I have seen other pieces by him online. The other is Larry Tsinne, I have learned where he was born, how long he made jewelery and when he died. There is way more info on Larry Tsinne. I would prefer to be positive tho.

This is going to be difficult to determine the maker because of the age. Have you tested the metal, this might not be silver.

My husband and I did alot of research online and it is handmade. I have done the magnet test it passed as metal but I have learned it is not always accurate