Identify origin and Unique turquoise and beaded necklace

Hello all,

Can you help me identify the origin, artist, type of turquoise and the approximate value of this beautiful necklace?

Thank you!!!


Picture didn’t go through the first time.

Hi Kay, was this sold to you as Native American?


Thank you for responding! I inherited this from a family member and unfortunately I am not sure if it’s Native American or possibly Egyptian?


My first impression of this necklace is that it could be Central Asian because of the flat triangular end caps, which look classically Central Asian, as well as the 3-strand beading style. Also the prominence of the lapis beads point to a Central Asian origin. The central bead w/ the turquoise chips looks like it was added during a restringing. While there is some possibility that this could be Native American, my bet is that it’s more Central Asian. Hope this does not disappoint you too much.


Thank you so much for your assessment - makes a lot of sense. Was very puzzled by this one, as I also inherited some other very nice old Native American pieces and was hoping someone could at least tell me if it was or was not Native American. If you get a chance, would appreciate your assessment of the ring I submitted prior to this post in the same category. I’m pretty sure that one is Native American but would like to get a more experienced opinion.

Thanks again!

Agree this is not Native American.

You’re welcome. I can’t be certain about the central medallion of mosaic chips of turquoise. That looks like it was added, and is probably not original to the lapis beads necklace.


Do you have an estimate for the value of this necklace?