Identify this Navajo bolo

I came across this bolo and the only thing I see on the back that may help identify it is hand engraved and I cannot make it out. Any help would be so appreciated.

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Welcome! Interesting piece. Scallop shell i think would be an unusual motif for a Native American smith, I wonder if it was added later? It almost looks like it was added on top of some damaged connection between the two claws. I can’t make anything out of the hallmark. Bennett is the hallmark specifically for the clamp mechanism only.

Very Cool! You might try and research Kewa or Santo Domingo Pueblo as they use Scallop shells commonly in Heishi. I was not able to find anything in my books for VV anything.

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Thank you. I’m interested in selling it but really want to know about it before I do. I couldn’t find anything like this on the web.

I like this but I wonder if it was a custom order or Anglo made?

Anglo made as in not from native Americans?

Yes, Anglo usually means white/European descended.

the cast scallop shell is what is throwing me off - the use of whole shells and shell heishe is common, but i can’t say i’ve ever seen one cast like this, as an applique over turquoise/claws.

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Yes I know. I have scoured the internet looking for anything like this or even a hallmark like the one on the back. I cannot find anything, it’s so unique but I wish I could trace it.