Ok then Turquoise People, what is this and is it considered Native American jewelry? Its labeled 960 what does that mean. I usually see 925 and ive always wondered what 960 means
And thank you to the person named StevesTrail for being cool when answering my questions.

960 is probably the silver content. 925 is 92.5% silver 7.5% alloy. The 960 mark usually means Argentium Sterling (just a different alloy used rather than the standard copper), 960 would be 96% silver

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Not Turquoise, not Native American. With the amount of white it has most likely Mexican.


Ok thats good to know thanks

96% silver. Mostly seen in Japanese made jewelry.


Thank you. Ugh, almost everything I’ve shown on here so far has been a bust for Native American Jewelry. That’s it I’m going to get my other peices. I think im obsessed with finding out.

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