Identifying Green Turquoise: Anything but Kingman?

Here are my two greenest squash blossom necklaces (aside from my Pat Platero malachite squash blossom, not pictured here). Definitely by different artists.

I’m wondering what mines they came from.

In the first photo, they’re side by side, which I think shows how different the stones are.
I think Squash No. 1 on the left, which is a little smaller and lighter-weight, is older. It’s more of a forest green. It’s not signed.
Squash No. 2 on the right is more of a mossy army green, almost like camouflage, but much glossier and prettier. That one is signed “TJ” on the back of the pendant dangling within the naja. It’s newer and heavier. I haven’t seen that kind of clasp before.

Some close ups. First, No. 1 squash, then No. 2 squash.

And some naja close-ups. No. 1 squash is not cracked – one stone has a whitish inclusion. No 2 has a heavier and larger naja.

Signature on the back of squash No. 2. It reads “TJ.”

Beautiful necklaces. I would call the one on the left Fox Turquoise. The right piece is a little more difficult, seen several different mines that look similar. I would almost call this Emerald Valley. Thanks for sharing.

Jason, thanks. Every time I read one of your answers on stone identification, I feel like I am learning a little more. I do appreciate your time here.

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