I'm new with turquoise, would love some help : )

Recently came into possesion of a few turqouise pieces. They are unmarked. Im wondering if anyone is able to tell the region they were made or tribe if they are from a native artist and where the turqouise might be from? This is a great site. Than you to whoever created it.


Very pretty pieces, appear to be Navajo - a squash blossom necklace and a cuff; maybe the cuff is sandcast, not sure. I don’t know that I can make a guess on the turquoise mine.


Thank you ziacat. Turquoise has always been rather daunting to me, let alone knowing about the silverwork.

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even the most knowledgeable people on identifying turquoise can be hesitant to ascribe a mine to random stones. unless they’ve been at it for decades, any opinion you receive will be a guess, and not necessarily an educated one. unless you bought it from the miner, have an attribution from a miner, or the person that made it knew the miner, it’s a guessing game this many years down the road after a piece has changed hands.

also, stones can change color with age, exposure, and wear, making it even harder to guess the mine, if you don’t know what color it was 30 years ago.

when in doubt, kingman is often a safe bet, because of the volume and variety it produces, but you can’t rule out other sources. If you are selling this, i would discourage you from listing it as any specific mine.