Inlaid ring, marked R emergence?

any info about this one would be greatly appreciated. the lines on the sides of the ring look like the maze lines you see on pima / maricopa art, but i have no idea where to start on this one. not sure what that black and white stone is either

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Hi there! The white stone is going to be “Sacred Buffalo” dry creek turquoise, or crazy horse/wild horse magnesite. I can’t really determine from the picture which it could be.

The hallmark looks identical to Ray Tracey’s. Ray has been making jewelry since 1977, and still makes jewelry today. Here is Ray’s website. You could try messaging him and see what he says?


Hello, I believe that mark is for Knifewing Segura. He use to have a partnership with Ray Tracey manufacturing jewelry. This would be Navajo. Hope that helps.


thank you both so much ! you are a wealth of knowledge