Is anyone familiar with this hallmark?

This is a tough one. It’s difficult to figure out what the symbols are. Definitely starts with a letter S. I don’t think it’s a jewelers code because why would they bother to put anything but numbers and letters. It’s an older piece that was almost black when I got it. Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks so much

Don’t know what those marks are but the bracelet looks like the work of Marc Antia. He is half Apache-half German. You can find his pieces listed on eBay and other sites. I have a killer Azurite/Malachite bolo of his and was looking for a cuff to go with it. His stamp work is pretty distinctive. I hope this helps. It’s a cool cuff.

Thanks for the info. I was thinking Marc Antia too but all his pieces seem to be Signed the same “crafted by Marc Antia“ I would love to be able to say it’s his since his pieces sell high but I need to make sure first. Hopefully someone out there knows.

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At their article about Marc likens his work to Emerson Bill. Maybe that will give you a lead. Good luck.

Wow! Thanks so much!