Is my squash blossom too light?

I chose this piece because I liked the stones. But now I’m having doubts. It’s 122gram which I didn’t think about at the time as maybe being too light for a squash blossom. It’s Is 23” long before the Naja and the bench beads are a petite 6mm which might explain why it seems lighter than expected for its size. If it’s legit, I assume it’s a newer piece or restrung based on the finding. It’s not magnetic, but I know only an acid test or spectroscopy can rule out nickel. The wear pattern on the back of the pendant is partially why I’m concerned. It appears to have some engraving on the back of the pendant but it’s not legible (circled in red).

I’d love to know what experts with more experience think.


Sorry for double post. I thought my forum status had changed to allow me to post myself. Thanks for everyone who is willing to take a look!

Your necklace looks great. Lots of times an artist will etch their name into the piece if they do not have a stamp hallmark or forgot until the piece was finished. Looks like the last name is Etsitty which is a very common Navajo surname. It is a lighter gauge wire used, but that also can be much more comfortable. Looks like a nice deep blue Kingman Turquoise…

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Thanks Jason. I loved the stones! But it’s a big purchase for me and I was reading about all of the mistakes of forum members and got worried.

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