Is this authentic or costume?

If anyone has any information or ideas on how to find out who made this, where, when, I would appreciate it.

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I tested this and there is no silver content. Was advised to not test the stone although I do know it’s porous. Does this mean that this piece is fake?

I’m sorry but this looks like dyed howlite to me. Did you get this for a cheap price?

Yes. It is very heavy in weight though and someone else on the forum advised me that it might be Kingman turquoise. There are a lot of signs that it is handmade, in my opinion, including uneven seams in the bails and how it is put together.

Whenever I have seen howlite, it’s been brighter in color and smoother in texture but that could just be how it was processed.

There are a lot of experts in this group who can help you better with their experience and insights on this beautiful mineral. I really hope it is from Kingman. However, if you like the way it looks and feels, enjoy it to the core and wear it with pride. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the sound advice. It’s a bit too heavy to wear-but if I had the right occasion to do so, I wouldn’t hesitate!