Is this Belt Buckle by Gertie Ganadonegro? Hand-signed GG Navajo

Hello friends,
I’m looking for confirmation and help in identifying this hand-signed buckle, please. The two letters look like “G’s” and underneath that is inscribed Navajo, as well. Thanks. From other jewelry I’ve seen online by her, they just has the two G’s using a stamp, and I haven’t found any hallmarks like mine. :smiley:

It’s possible that this could be a Gertie. Eagles like this were popular in Native jewelry in the late 70’s and 80’s. And although I’m having trouble finding biographical information on Gertie, her style suggests that she also might have worked and been active during this time frame. However, I feel that most of Gertie’s jewelry incorporates stones into it, while this buckle does not. Also, I cannot find another piece of her confirmed stamped hallmark jewelry in which she incorporates eagles like this. Lastly, her GG hallmark often included a stamped .925 hallmark accompanying it, and I would think that if she were to scribe her hallmark by hand, that she would have likely added the .925 stamp by hand as well. Even though I cannot find definitive evidence saying that this is not her piece, my gut tells me this buckle is by someone else.

route 66 Navajo and the Navajo Nation have some history and background stories.

I enhanced the contrast on your photo to see what the word was under the “gg” or “66”

I’m seeing “66 Navajo”

Stamped “GG” hallmarks found


hope this helps

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Thank you sooooo much! This was extremely helpful. Super appreciate it.