Is this "CH" possibly Chad Hoskie?

You know I’m fond of coral. Here’s a necklace that I bought online last year with a signature that I’m seeking help identifying.

It’s the size of some Zuni necklaces I own and has the same arrangement of an open-linked flat chain, two side elements and a central element with long dangling fringe pieces. But I am wondering if it is Navajo work.

The signature seems to be “CH.” I’ve seen “CH” attributed to Chad Hoskie, but the picture of the signature didn’t link the two letters together as they are here.
This isn’t an artist whose work I know, although I have seen and admired Guy Hoskie’s substantial bracelets.

Is this necklace by a Navajo or Zuni artisan?

Is it by Chad Hoskie, or did a different artist make this?

I’m always curious about value, but when I just like something, it’s less important to me.


I check my books and only came up with this. Maybe these names will help.

EstimatedProfit on Etsy for Old Pawn

Thanks so much for these new leads! Trying to track them down.

I’m doubtful about Charles Hustito, as he does inlay work. Would someone who is a fine lapidarist leave coral in its natural state?
Not sure about Cody Hunter. But good to know his name, as his storyteller bracelets look wonderful – I particularly like the ones with the scenery on the interior. He draws/sculpts beautiful, anatomically detailed horses.

That leaves Cleve Honyaktewa. Someone attributed this signature to him, but when I look at examples of his work, it is the beautiful Hopi overlay work.

I’m not finding much by Cornelia Hinton. I also saw the signature attributed to her on one of the few examples.

There appears to be some misattribution of this signature online. It can’t belong to that many different people. If the letters weren’t linked, I’d believe it.