Is this coral necklace Native American

I would like To know if this is really NA. It looks like handmade discs to me but not sure about the Pueblo part.

I don’t think this is Native American. Are you sure this is coral? If it is, I imagine it is something that has been dyed.

I was very suspicious about the closure. And like you said, there is a lot of dyed material around.
If you have time would you please take a look at a post I made about a week ago in appraising? It’s a pendant with green/blue turquoise with lots of brown matrix. I sure would like to know what mine it may have come from. Thanks.

We see dyed beads they call bamboo coral, you might do a google search and see if your material is similar.

I also don’t think it’s Native American but I did read about a vinegar test for coral. It said that coral would bubble but to do it in an inconspicuous spot because the test spot would be noticeable. I did it near the clasp and bubbles formed on the discs and I didn’t see any red in the vinegar. However, the shine is now gone on those pieces. If they are dyed they are not uniform. There are areas of dark almost black as well as light almost whitish areas.
In conclusion, I’m still not positive but they are comfortable and make a bright splash when I’m having a red day.