Is this Native American?

I bought this a few days ago. The guy was selling this and a hearing aid… He was calling it pawn sterling, turquoise and 1940s, he didn’t list the size and had only one photo, which showed a front view. Haha I thought I was getting something with leaves. Not two FORKS. But they do have stampwork. And some faint initials. Oops… he wasn’t claiming Native American… any guess? Age? It’s also giant man size fully 2 inches bigger than my wrist, so I’m throwing it back out there…I would appreciate a value or any insights whatsoever. I am not sure it’s even real turquoise. Thank you in advance for your help!

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Looks like Native American made from silver table-wear forks -might be Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. Cool piece : )

I just don’t think you know for sure without an identification mark. We definitely think of the work as being Navajo, stamping and the silver drops with turquoise. Your piece has some age but don’t think we are as old as what it was called. Looks like a piece of real turquoise. I would make sure the forks are silver, not plated.

Thanks! Very helpful as always!