Is this old bracelet really Cerillos?

This was sold as Cerillos turquoise that had been purchased in the 70’s from a shop in the New England area that was owned by a woman that started collecting jewelry in the 30’s. I know her name and the shop name but both are eluding me at the moment. It was listed as “provenance available”

however, that proved to be only verbal. I did find some pictures that looked similar but that is most certainly not definitive.
I may have to pare down my collection and am trying to get authentic identification and realistic values before doing so.
Thanks for all of your help!

It definitely could be Cerrillos, it has a good look. I would assume you purchased the piece relatively new, seems like 1960s - 70s style? It is a Navajo piece, I would put a value around $300. Thanks for sharing.

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