Is this real?

Hi all, bought this probably 15 years ago on line. Have done the hot needle, no penetration, but no markings? Wondering if real, and any direction toward Stones origin or maker would be appreciated. Love the color, but clasp is pretty basic, an no marks has me stymied.


Nice squash, looks to be Navajo, I’m not seeing any red flags. The turquoise is real and has some pyrite in it which narrows down the mine a lot; most stones with pyrite are Morenci or Kingman. The beads are bench beads—machine made halves soldered together by hand, pretty common for squashes from the 70’s and after. Maker will be very hard to determine without a mark and without provenance from when you bought it.


Thank you. I was thinking perhaps Morenci, the blue is a beautiful blue which drew me to it. The clasp is pretty crudely done, was that pretty common also? Bought on line, ebay, probalby 10 to 15 years ago(time is hard, lose track anymore)could have been longer. Went thru a spree.

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Yes, that is a typical clasp.

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Thank you. Just seems so basic for such a lovely necklace!

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