Is this silverwork native?

I recently purchased this bracelet that I think might be native silverwork but I’m not sure. It has a mark but it is obscured. What do you think? I took some macro photos of the mark, and edited them to sharpen, but it didn’t help too much. The other mark just says it is 12 karat gold fill.

You can never be 100% positive when you can’t identify the worker, but this style of work is definitely you see Navajo silversmiths make

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@jason wouldn’t hold fill be unusual for Navajo work?

I see quite a few Tahe cuffs with gold filled bits on them bubble up on various sites.


The Tahe hallmarking is in fact similar:

You know, the 12 KGF part does look identical! And I could see where the bigger unreadable blob could be Sterling …

Gold fill is common enough, you see it used frequently in story teller styles. The reason being is the cost.