J.Forks sterling turquoise? wood necklace

Hello All,

The necklace was made by J.Forks Designs located in Boerne, Texas. Their site says their jewelry often features North American Turquoise- they have and still do offer some pretty high $ pieces since established in 1999.

The sterling, wood, stone necklace weighs 200.5g- pendant measures 2.5" x 1.5+". Brown and blue areas of the pendant and as well the blue beads between wood pasted the hot needle test.

Any opinions on the type of Turquoise are appreciated.

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J.Forks responded today-

“It is Kingman Turquoise from Arizona and also just so you know the brown beads are Buffalo horn.”

Never would’ve guessed the Buffalo horn : )


Buffalo horn, interesting! Is it heavy?

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It has some weight- necklace’s total weight is 200.5g


That is interesting. So glad you were able to get a response from them.

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Beautiful necklace. I see why you thought the beads were wooden.


That is interesting, you don’t really think of that brown with Kingman, more black.


the n.american animal is bison. african & asian are buffalo.
horn is like fingernail/hooves over bone so not solid til the tips. easy to smell the difference from wood-scrape,sand,burn
so far,all the genuine bison horn I’ve dealt with has been black

just sayin’


Yes- I would say this is buffalo not bison.

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