I just received this turquoise & coral inlay cuff? What are your thoughts about the maker? I think it could be William Singer or Devin Nelson, but it’s just a guess! Thanks in advance, Pam…


BTW, it doesn’t have a signature!

What a great bracelet, you are one lucky person. I did find this one and it had a description of an arrowhead hallmark, Charlie Singer. Navajo Chip Inlay Peyote Bird Cuff | Cowan's Auction House: The Midwest's Most Trusted Auction House / Antiques / Fine Art / Art Appraisals I would feel comfortable with that. Realistically without a hallmark we could attribute to any of the brothers.

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Thank you, I was told it was one of the Singers! I have looked and found one similar, but it wasn’t as colorful; it was also very expensive… I’m gonna put it under my magnifier and see if I can see a hallmark! It’s actually very heavy and well made! Thanks for the input! :grin:


Looks fantastic on! Is it heavy?
Did it have the crescent moon mark on the inside that I thought I noticed on the listing?

Oops sorry I see u already mentioned that!

@TaraFawn75 Yes it’s heavy, 98 grams! I received it yesterday in my birthday! I’m not much on inlay, but I really admire the workmanship on this This cuff!


@TaraFawn75 No, it isn’t signed anywhere, me and the Hubbie both looked with a magnifier out in the natural light!

Yes! A work of art for sure! :heart: