Kings Manassa Cuff

My Christmas present to myself! Just got it in over the weekend, I am over the moon!


merry Christmas, that color is amazing

Beautiful piece! Is it Kings Manassa, or Carico Lake?

I believe this is what is called awesomeness.

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That is beautimous. Really beautimous.

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Incredible stone!! Good choice!

I looked at a zillion photos of both and best I can come up with is King’s. I would love to hear from someone more knowledgeable though. It is the deep Emerald green that keeps me thinking it is King’s Manassa, I can’t find that color in any examples of Carico Lake. Either way I am loving it!

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This is what made me think of it.


Oh my thats fantastic!!!

Yup I have seen this as well, but the lighter green is only slight in my cuff. I keep coming back to the deep deep emerald green…

Yeah, I always think of King’s Manassa as a more olive green color, because that is the most common. Looking at other photos, you see the variation in colors. It is a gorgeous bracelet, wear it in good health, and a Merry Christmas to you and all on this site!

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@Christibo, I screenshot shot this because it reminded me of your cuff. There was a link in the post that may offer more info. Beautiful cuff!image

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I believe the stone is green sea sediment jasper. If you google Percy Spencer and green sea sediment jasper you should see similar cuffs and thats how they describe the stone.


Thank You for jogging my memory SnowDay…I was thinking the same thing…I knew I’d seen this cuff (or something very similar) somewhere!

Spot On! Good call and thank you!!

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