Kirk Smith Suite

I bought this beautiful set at auction. This is my first full squash blossom necklace as I find them quite large. The naja is 4 high by 5 wide. The blossoms are 2 1/2 inches and the beads are 1/2 inch. It is heavy but I don’t have a weight on it yet.

I did some looking and have found a few sets that are similar to mine on EBay. They seem to be priced high. I’m hoping, I did well with my purchase. What is a realistic value on the set? I bought it looking to resell it at some point. Help with the turquoise would also be great. Thanks all. I value the input received from this forum.


That is huge. I would call the stone Turquoise Mountain. We just sold something similar in size by Anthony Skeets (who is from the Kirk Smith school of silversmithing). It was a cluster lapis piece, lot more stone and retailed around 6,000. This being Kirk Smith piece and a complete set I would say 7500 - 9000 retail.


Jason thanks so much for your reply. That is inline with what I found online. I was only able to find two suites for comparison so this helps a lot. The squash is large compared to the other pieces. I weighed it and it came in heavier than I thought at 481 grams. I did well on my purchase but will probably resell. It is a little over the top for me. I’ve never tried to sell any of my pieces before. So this will be a learning experience.The quality of the piece is amazing. I’m in awe.


Totally awesome set! I wish it were in my price range. Be sure to enjoy it until it sells.


To me it looks like New Mexico turquoise … i would suggest the Cerrillos area Tiffany mine Turquoise Hill.!

Hi Did you ever sell this? I’d be interested.